about gary yang, president & Principal

Consultant of roundview technologies

Roundview Technologies is a professional it consulting firm specializes in QAD QXtend integration framework, QAD Customer Self-Service, .Net UI / QAD Desktop II, advanced customizations, QAD Trade Management, QAD environment / process management. We work with QAD and QAD service partners to provide the world class services to maximize the customers' investment in QAD solutions.

The key reasons of our success in QAD consulting are: broad knowledge, creativity, always staying in front with quick adoption of bleeding edge technologies, and more importantly, great business sense and vision to provide the best solution to the customers.  


Since 1997, Gary Yang has built a reputation for architecting and developing technical solutions that help companies get the most out of their technology investments.  Gary has earned the reputation as one the most capable and respected technical architects in the North American QAD market.  With respect to QAD’s QXtend framework, Gary is the leader, as there is no else with more experience or referenceable client engagements.  Gary is a regular speaker at QAD user conferences, both regionally and nationally.    

With over 20 years of experience in ERP applications consulting, Gary brings a strong blend of technical talents to every client.  He has broad knowledge, leadership capabilities, great business sense, and a passion for technology.  Gary is an accomplished technical project manager, database administrator, systems analyst and programmer.  He also brings niche technical capabilities in the areas of system integration, Desktop/.Net UI advanced implementations, e-Commerce (QAD CSS), Production Sequencing Systems and advanced non-intrusive customization techniques.  His ability to understand complex business problems, develop creative technical solutions and communicate effectively at all levels of the organization make Gary a unique and valuable talent on any QAD project.  

As a passionate advocate of QAD's QXtend integration framework, Gary have spoken at a number of QAD Explorer Annual Users Meetings and regional MFG/PRO User Groups Meetings (MMUG and SEUG).  Gary was the architect of the first QAD product that uses QXtend (QAD Production Scheduler), and has the first happy QXtend customer (Excel-Hustler).  Gary has been in charge of over a dozen successful QXtend implementation projects, including the biggest QXtend implementation to date (Visteon Corporation).