• QAD Enterprise Applications
  • QAD EE Implementation and Customizations
  • QXtend Inbound / Outbound
  • QAD Customer Self-Service
  • QAD .Net UI Interface
  • Dell Boomi Implementation
  • Progress WebSpeed
  • Progress 4GL / ABL


Roundview technologies is a professional IT consulting firm specializes in BOOMI, QAD and progress/openedge.

Our team specializes in QAD integration with QXtend, and has been in charge of over a dozen successful QXtend implementation projects.





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Roundview Technologies has the first successful Dell Boomi implementation with QXtend and QAD EE Cloud ERP implementation. 

ERP applications consulting

With over 20 years of experience in QAD ERP consulting and Progress ABL / 4GL / Webspeed / Database Administration.


With technologies getting more and more complex in the QAD world (as well as the rest of IT world), we stand out as the best consultants to help the customers realizing their return of IT investment faster and better.

We help clients establish self‐service portal that let’s customers place orders in a secure, personalized way over the internet.